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Most of osFree's files are currently available from our ftp://osfree.org/pub/downloads/. osFree is currently a deep alpha stage project. You can test some packages and/or you can browse the sources. You can also access the Git repository directly at our repository through your preferred Git client. GitHub has more information about accessing it through Git. However we have information about it as well.

There is our Demo CD available too.

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, 2013/08/02 19:31

I have found that a couple of links on the OSFree home page do not work and go to page that indicates it is not an actual page.

, 2014/05/18 23:24

Yes, some files are missing. Because the server on the hosting (we were hosted at www.os2world.com) had harddisk died. Now it is mostly repaired, and on other server.

, District 268, 2016/07/29 04:02

We saved the Source Code at a Github project: https://github.com/ErisBlastar/osfree

In case the hard drive hosting it gets corrupt again.

There is a Guide for making Kernels that boot in QEMU and GRUB: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12182156 http://www.cs.vu.nl/~herbertb/misc/writingkernels.txt

I think a key for development is to make a QEMU virtual machine that boots the L4 Kernel, or a GRUB entry that boots the L4 Kernel so that there are more people who can test it out and work with it.

I also think borrowing from HaikuOS, AROS, and ReactOS or working with those projects might help giving a BeOS, AmigaOS, and Windows XP personality using Kernel code from those projects as a cache kernel to run more apps under OSFree or OS/3 or whatever.

, 2023/09/05 17:41

Do any of these ISOs boot into a shell ? I tried one in GNOME Boxes and it boots and then stops - it would be great if there was a video of running one of these in a VM somewhere.

, 2023/11/18 10:01

Good day. I got your contact via github while searching for ways to clone a router operating system. I'm quite a novice about all these, but I have a brilliant idea that I would like to try to make huge business out of. I would like you to out me through how to clone a operating system firmware from one device to another. And also how to edit the operating and make changes I would like to effect. I would not mind giving you a stake in the business when it becomes profitable. Please show me the process to go through with this idea. Thank you, kindly. I awaits your reply.

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