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osFree is a (Free Open Source software) operating system development project, aiming to replace eventually all OS/2 subsystems with Open source analogues. It aims for OS/2 Warp 4 (Merlin) as a base compatibility system, which does not mean that we will not support features of newer (OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, eComStation and ArcaOS) OS/2 versions. This includes rewriting not only user-level code but the OS/2 kernel too.

We're collecting existing code for OS/2 subsystems for years. Also we are developing our own bootloader named FreeLdr and OS/2 personality for L4 microkernel, i.e. a number of servers, implementing the Control Program (OS/2 kernel) Interface functionality in userspace. See osFree design and development concept for more details. Visit the Chat Channel on the EFNET

Several projects with similar goals exist (or existed). Here is the brief comparison of goals and tasks of different projects.

Our project is reusing the code of many opensource projects.

Project News

25 April, 2009

EFNet bots changed

EFNet bots osfreebot and osfree is dead. We are glad to present new bot: osFree2. Thanks to Yoda for bot hosting.

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8 April, 2009

FreePM project now part of osFree project

FreePM project now part of osFree project. All source base now in osFree SVN and some goals slightly changed (like SOM interfaces instead of C++ interfaces and binary level compatibility, instead of source level compatibility). Most of services disabled and now osFree project services must be used. Thanks to Evgen Kotsuba for the help.

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19 February, 2009

New team member

Vadim (Oxyd) Priluzkiy joined to osFree project. Welcome here!

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19 September 2008

#osfree IRC channels work now at EFnet and eCSnet under control of osfreebot and eCoLabs/osfree bots. Thanks to Digi for help.

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12 September 2008

New developer joined osFree project. Alan Grippon will work on DOS command line tools.

  • We are looking for Win16 developers to work on Win16 applications (initial codebase available)
  • We are looking for PHP developer to integrate our forum and core site

gnubie10-elevator@yahoo.com.br Ricardo Nishimura 2008/09/12 18:36:

I want to join the project. Can you contact me?

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3 September 2008

sf.net news now duplicated at osfree.org

Starting from now project news from sf.net shown on main page of osfree.org

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26 August 2008

  • We started collecting bugs in bugtracker
  • Build system significally improved (thanks to Valery Sedletski)
  • Work on OS/2 server internal structure started (Thanks to Sven-Eric Rosen and Sascha Schmidt for working on initial parts)
  • Support of original IBM OS/2 Kernel loading in our loader is started (Thanks to Mike Greene)
  • We are looking for DOS and Win16 developers to work on DOS command line tools and Win16 applications (initial codebase available)
  • We are looking for PHP developer to integrate our forum and core site

aagrip@rcn.com Alan Grippon 2008/09/07 21:54:

I'd like to help out with the DOS commands if you need a hand. My time is limited right now but I will eventually have more time to help out on other things. I could send my resume if you want to see my background. I also have lots of hardware and software to test and play with. Email me and let me know. [email hidden for spam protect] By the way, I couldn't figure out how to get a log-on to your forums so I registered on your web site.

prokushev@freemail.ru Yuri Prokushev 2008/09/11 13:54:

I sent email to you with some explanation of tasks.

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September 06, 2007

According to our roadmap we are now at version 0.0.3 now. We have a general working of FreeLDR (except config parser and VBE support) for stage 0.0.2 and a working CONFIG.SYS parser for stage 0.0.3. We still are thinking about real requirements for version 0.0.4 at the present time because we have working LX parser prototype and most of IFS must be in Personality Neutral services. So, we are planning to slightly review the 0 .0.x series roadmap for better representation of our current situation and needs. Most probably, we will introduce following changes:

0.0.2 EXT2FS must be finished (in general) and boot sequence must be implemented. GRUB must be removed. MicroFSD is 16-bit (OS/2 compatible), IFS is 32-bit (not OS/2 compatible). MicroFSD must load FreeLDR and execute it. FreeLDR must load L4 kernel and root task (osFree kernel stub). LILO must not be required for EXT2FS. Done
Note: MiniFSD is absent because not required for microkernel architecture.
0.0.3 osFree kernel must parse CONFIG.SYS using file provider server (not real device driver loading) and show config tree. Done
0.0.4 LX loader and module linker (using file provider server). osFree kernel must load and execute PROTSHELL application. Not Done
0.0.5 Filesystem API implementation. LX loader must allow loading of ‘Hello, world’ task via file provider and execute it. ‘Hello, world’ task is CMD.EXE prototype. Not Done
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August 12th, 2007

Today we started uploading the sources to SVN with the aim to configure a common build system. As we do not yet have an own SVN-Server yet, we are using the SourceForge Server. You can find the sources at https://sourceforge.net/projects/osfree/. At the moment this is NOT fully functional, not even all parts of the sources have been uploaded. Still feel free to improve osFree

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July 5, 2007

For Linux personality we can select existent Linux distribution to have as less maintaining as possible. The Linux personality isn't the main goal of the project and we don't want to lose much time for it.

The Poll about Linux personality is located here.

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June 8, 2007

The dotProject portion of our site has been restored after a long time of being unable to be used by either guests or the osFree staff, upgraded as there was an oppertuinity to do so. In addition to this recently we’ve had a large amount of downtime due to some big problems with one of our host’s hard drives. But now, you can now enjoy viewing the site again and most importantly the project’s status.

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osFree userland commit log

osFree OS/2 personality commit log

Last bugtracker issues

Last forum topics


We're now at the alpha stage, which means that the current version is not feature-complete nor stable and not recommended for everyday usage. The 0.0.x release series will still stay in alpha stage, and 0.9 release series will be marked as beta, meaning a system which is suitable for every day use.

The next release will be 0.0.5, with an release date being open. See our osFree roadmap for details.

Getting access to site areas

The site has several separate areas, like wiki, forum, bugtracker, webmail and dotProject. If you want to get access to these, you should register here first. After admin approves you, you'll get access to all five parts of the site. Approval of user accounts is required because of numerous attempts of spambots to register phantom accounts. Note also, that there is a guest account (user: guest, password: guest), which allows you to login to the site areas, requiring a login (like a dotProject area). It gives you a read only access. Once you log in into the forum, you get access to wiki too, and vice versa. The same login applies to dotProject, webmail and bugtracker. After adding to “Users” group you'll get a write access to wiki, bugtracker and forum. If you want to contribute to site design or development, or to get a mail account, the admin can add you to corresponding user groups and your access level will be increased. In case of troubles, or questions, you can contact site admin.

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