26 August 2008

  • We started collecting bugs in bugtracker
  • Build system significally improved (thanks to Valery Sedletski)
  • Work on OS/2 server internal structure started (Thanks to Sven-Eric Rosen and Sascha Schmidt for working on initial parts)
  • Support of original IBM OS/2 Kernel loading in our loader is started (Thanks to Mike Greene)
  • We are looking for DOS and Win16 developers to work on DOS command line tools and Win16 applications (initial codebase available)
  • We are looking for PHP developer to integrate our forum and core site

aagrip@rcn.com Alan Grippon 2008/09/07 21:54:

I'd like to help out with the DOS commands if you need a hand. My time is limited right now but I will eventually have more time to help out on other things. I could send my resume if you want to see my background. I also have lots of hardware and software to test and play with. Email me and let me know. [email hidden for spam protect] By the way, I couldn't figure out how to get a log-on to your forums so I registered on your web site.

prokushev@freemail.ru Yuri Prokushev 2008/09/11 13:54:

I sent email to you with some explanation of tasks.


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