November 3 2006

After a little work, Kevin Garricks (aka Jay) has been completed the dokuwiki area of the site. There are a few little glitches here and there in the site’s design, but they are nothing that would be of any consequence, and will not detract from the usability nor attractiveness of the site for the user. If you wish to contribute with the growth of the wiki and osFree’s development and documentation you must ask on the forum for us to upgrade your account to “user” or “developer” in order to get started. Unapproved users will be added to another user group which will not be able to make any modifications.

List of Current Problems

  • Edit Toolbar does not show fully. Will be fixed with later DokuWiki release & upgrade. DONE
  • Table of contents appears sideways from Table of contents title. DONE
  • Admin CP has div problems at times.

None of these will really affect you terribly. Please deal with the 2 & 3 while I try to resolve


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